Don’t you love that there is snow on this page??

What is this?  A snow feature on my blog page??

I.  Love.  This.

I think I added this last year but I didn’t know that it would return without me having to click some unfindable button!!!  How festive.  I kind of wish that it was on my homepage and the snow would flutter by while I empty my brain out for you to read.  It’s only when I read my work and open the home page that I get to see the snow.  I always read my own blog to double-check and make sure my spell-check didn’t miss something and to make sure I don’t look like some tool that doesn’t know how to put words and sentences together.  I don’t like when I misspell things when I know how to spell them.  I do love a good run-on sentence though.  I really really do.

Enjoy the snow!  Especially if you live somewhere it doesn’t snow in December.  There should be mounds of snow here by now…and there is not.  Snow might make me feel more festive.  This fake blog snow is helping, but I am just not in a festive, holiday, season of giving mindset yet.


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