3 year olds make up great names for crotches

Lovely #2 is a really very funny funny little person.  She’s inquisitive and creative in a sweet and silly type of way.  I hate to talk about the kids too much because this is not really a mom blog.  I know you’re thinking Man, does she really have to talk about her kids again?  It’s like that whole Kathy Lee fiasco.  Her poor kids couldn’t even fart without her mentioning something about it on television every single fucking morning.  Barf.

Yeah.  The other morning she was getting dressed and she said something about her girly parts.  You know, her crotch.  I thought she had said something about her butt, and I didn’t quite understand what she was saying.  She could tell I didn’t understand and so she said it again very clearly…she called it her Front Butt.

Front Butt!

She is so smart!  It really kind of is a butt in the front isn’t it?  Sorry to get graphic, but there’s a crack and a hole and for a little kid…it seems like pretty much the same kind of equipment except one makes lemonade and one makes fudge.

I had to share this new slang with some of my friends.  My friend added that when she was younger, their dog would hump things.  Her mom insisted they call it body dancing instead.  Ha!  Her little sister would yell out the dog is body dancing the dog is body dancing!!!!

We had been indulging in some cocktails and so it was even funnier, as you can imagine.  We even made a little cheer about it to rival the dudes across the bar who were chanting drinking rhymes.  Lame.  They loved the front butt/body dancing cheer.  Or should I say, they would love to body dance with a  front butt??



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