Will airport security let a T-rex through?

Today…today I fly! 

I am flying to Aspen…again…and helping a friend move back to the city I live.  I am lucky.  Lucky that she will soon be living in the same city, and lucky to roadtrip home with her from Colorado.  For days…we don’t need to get back here until Friday.

Now, the other part of this is everyone is dressing up for Halloween at work today.  It’s kind of a big deal.  And I love Halloween.  I love any excuse to change personalities. 

But what to be??  I head straight to the airport from work.  It might be strange to go through security dressed like another person.  What if I look nothing like my ID?  Can I still fly?

Imagine me dressed in this enormous blue T-rex costume trying to get my shoes off and putting my little carry-on bag through the x ray machine.  I imagine not even being able to fit through the metal detector.  I imagine getting stuck and three security guards have to push and pull my enormous head and tail through. 

Once I finally get on the plane…because you know security would let me through…I’d be placed on an aisle seat and the clean cut businessman who gets the window seat, would have to climb over my lap to get in and out.  I also imagine he would have several cocktails during the flight and he’d keep having to get out to use the restroom. The cocktails would lead him to talk…a lot.

We’d end up having a deep conversation about his childhood and how he secretly always wanted to own an alpaca farm in Montana but was led into the family business by his financial consultant of a father.

He’d weep on my tiny T-rex shoulder. 

Upon landing, he’d straighten his tie, clear his throat, pull out his electric razor and clean up his 5 o’clock shadow, give me a nod and walk out into the terminal as if we’d never even met. 

Maybe I shouldn’t wear a costume…


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