There’s…something on the wing…some…Thing!


Remember that Twilight Zone episode?  I think the character was played by William Shatner and then again by John Lithgow.  Pretty sure…

Anywho, the man is on the plane and keeps seeing visions of a monster-ous creature on the wing of the plane.  It drives him mad!  Mad I tell you!

Although I am not really afraid of flying, I don’t like being confined to a small space for longer than I can keep myself occupied.  Time I can occupy myself: about an hour.

This hour has long passed….

Things on this plane that are making me go mad right now:

I have to pee and don’t want to stumble awkwardly down the aisle.  At this point, I will feel triumphant if I can hold it this last 30 minutes of flight.

It’s Fucking freezing!  I’m wearing 4 layers…prepared for the temperature fluctuations.  But this, this is uncalled for.

Someone keeps farting.  Is it one of the little kids on board, the balding old man, the body builder couple next door, or the flight attendant??  Trouble is, I don’t know.  And it doesn’t really matter, what matters is I get a wave of poo that flutters by every 15 minutes or so…and that time is steadily decreasing!!

All I want is to crack a window.


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