like grazing in a meadow…

Lately, I have been focused on feeling good.  Yeah.  I’ve been trying to fit in some physical fitness into my days.  I really dislike it, but it’s making me feel more energized and less squishy, which is always nice.

I’ve been practicing some Yoga and also working out with the good ol Jillian Michaels via her 30 day shred video.  Man, that shit sucks.  Like, it’s a great workout…which means that it totally sucks.  I hate it.  It makes me feel like I’m going to die.  I kind of love that and hate that at the same time.

Of course, I’ve also been trying to eat healthier and wiser and all that crap.  I really love Doritos and cheese and deep fried stuff and pasta…oh, how I love pasta.  I still eat those things, of course.  I feel like if you deny yourself things that you really like…you start to go off the deep end.  And then you forget why you started to try to be healthier in the first place…and you resent it and go back to business as usual.  Right?

So yesterday I picked up some Wheatgrass.  Yes, I have stepped into hippie granola land.  It is so fricking good for you!  It helps repair damaged cells!  Come on people!

It comes in powder form, and you mix it in with about 8 oz of juice or water.  Dang, this shit is disgusting.  It tastes like licking the bottom of a lawn mower.  For reals.  This morning I mixed it in with a pre-made smoothie that I have.  Of course, the powder didn’t really mix well since the smoothie was already thick…and so then there’s huge powdery clumps in it.  I try to take it down in big gulps because otherwise I feel like a farm animal grazing in the meadow.  These big gulps make it far too easy to ingest a clump…and far more difficult to choke down the healthy benefits.

I’m sure in a week’s time, I’ll have gotten used to it and will be able to chug it down.  I’ll be shot-gunning wheat grass!  It’ll be the only form of liquids I will consume.  Milk??  Oh yeah, wheatgrass milkshake.  Beer?  Oh for sure, it’s made from grains already anyway.

I think there may be something wrong with me.


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