I visited my mom yesterday for her birthday.  As we arrived, she took us into the woods to see what papa kayak had made. 

Check it out!  I love that I live in the city and that I grew up in the country.  I love that there’s not really any neighbors there.  I love that there aren’t any streetlights or stop lights.  I also love how the woods have changed since I was little. 

The old path is grown over, my mom has moved and planted cool greenery and sculptural elements.  There used to be a clearing a ways back but that is grown over too.  My brother and I had a fort back there….my dad built it.  We spent so much time out there pretending and imagining. 

Now my lovelies have a fort to explore.  They will cherish their weekends at grandma’s, in the woods, in the coziness, in the beauty that is nature.  They love it.  Getting down and dirty in the woods. 


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