Take me out to the Ball Game!!!!!!!

You with sassy, dirty minds may think that this post is about balls.  Like, balls…balls on men.  Testicles.

It isn’t!

It is actually about baseball.  I have baseball fever!  I do!  It’s really really strange and unlike me, I think.  I’ve always kind of liked baseball…to play.  not so much to watch.  Especially on tv.  It’s pretty boring on tv during the regular season, if you ask me.

But these playoffs have been so exciting!  Our home team is so close to the World Series.  I just can’t help but watch…alone…without my husband.

Did you hear that, world??  I’m watching sports without my husband!

He likes it.  He likes that I ask him strange sports questions that only a woman would ask…like, why do they always list how much the player weighs?  Isn’t that more like a football thing?  or Do you think they get to change the song that plays when they are up to bat or are they stuck with it for the whole year?  How much do you think the groundskeepers get paid?  How do you get to be the mascot?  Does the mascot travel with them to away games?

My mom says that the love of baseball is in my blood.  My grandfather loved baseball.  He loved the Chicago Cubs, I think.  Or maybe it was the White Sox.  Not sure why they didn’t also love the home team…the good ol Brewers!

I’d love to go to a playoff game.  Alas, the tickets for the nosebleed seats that usually cost about $3 are now $50.  So…..yeah, pretty sure we’ll catch that game on TBS and then catch Conan after that.  A good night of sports and comedy.  Watch out for those balls/testicles to the face.


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