Happy Birthday Papa Kayak

Today is my dad’s birthday!  (Happy Birthday Dad!)

The Lovelies call him Grandpa Kayak.  Kayak is not his last name…or even his first name.  Grandpa Kayak is a term coined by Lovely #2 when she was about 2 years old.  She started with Papa Kayak and as she began talking better, it grew to Grandpa.

He used to come over all the time just to hang out with her.  Just to get on the floor and lay on the carpet and just imagine things and play.  They’d blow bubbles and color and giggle.  They’d play Toy Story and Dora.  On the top of his car would always be one of his kayaks.  He likes to kayak, if you hadn’t guessed it already, you Einsteins.  During the summer months, he carries it typically wherever he goes, in case he finds a little spot in the water to take a little trip.

The name totally stuck because we all thought it was so cute…and also so fitting for him.  He wears tie dye and has a long ponytail and is definitely an advocate for peace and music and do what makes you happy and find magic in everything.  He’s a pretty stellar guy.

Now Lovely #2 also calls him Grandpa Kayak and so does everyone else.  He’s totally embraced it and I think he loves it.  And we all love him.  He’s probably the best grandpa to have….full of blowing bubbles and watercolor painting and camping and m&m’s and simple pleasures that little kids only seem to enjoy when someone much older and wiser shows them how to enjoy it.

Happy Birthday Papa Kayak!!!!!!


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