Makes me uncomfortable…and imaginative


I really dislike seeing hickeys on other people.  Even more when they are my students.


My imagination is too vivid for these situations.  I find myself staring at them….which undoubtedly makes the person with the hickeys uncomfortable also.


You got hoovered.

Who gave you that hoover maneuver?

Why didn’t you wear a turtleneck?

Does that bruise on your neck hurt????  What happened??

It’s like broadcasting that you got someone to suck on your neck…and that it probably led to even more things that no one should know about.  That shit is private.

I just have a hard time having to look at this colorful souvenir and not make this person aware of how disgusting I now find them…



One thought on “Makes me uncomfortable…and imaginative

  1. Advice from my grandmother:

    Apply ten hickeys (or hickies) to your own neck, on the front and sides. You can use the Hoover or enlist a friend to do so. Maintain or replace the hickeys/hickies over a two-week period. Be sure to stare at the hickeys/hickies whenever using a mirror to apply makeup, brush your hair, teeth, etc.

    At the end of two weeks, you will be royally sick of them.

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