Rita, I miss you, you’re one of two people that read my blog!

Where oh where is my dear Rita?

If none of you know, I still keep up this blog for two readers (sorry, if there are others…I just don’t know for sure that you really read my posts.)  These two readers are Sarah, aka Syruh, and miss Rita.

Buy Sarah’s jewelry.  Buy it!!!!!

Read Rita’s blog…and buy her art!  Buy it!!!!!!!!

Thank you.

I write for them because I know they appreciate my quirky outlook on life and what not.  I know.  They tell me.  I can’t just read their minds.  Sometimes, maybe.  I also see them in real life.  They are real people to me and not just a strange geometric gravatar.

And I haven’t seen miss Rita in a long time.  I like her a lot.  I like that she laughs, like really laughs!!  She thinks I’m kind of funny.  That makes me feel good.  Sometimes I’m not sure if I can be funny anymore, I sometimes just feel really really strange and bizarre.  That’s ok, I suppose, but I need to know that other people relate to it.

So, thanks, Rita, for relating to me and the laughs!  We need to get together before the snow is falling.

And good luck on the new job today, Syruh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Rita, I miss you, you’re one of two people that read my blog!

  1. my kate! i’ve been thinking about you too!!!! i miss you. we definitely need a day together for sure and i ALWAYS look forward to reading your blog even if its not a “funny” blog. i love you any way you come 🙂 but i do love laughing at your cartoon ways 🙂

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