3 legged dog

Today Lovely #2 and I went for a drive.  We typically do on my days off.  I just love me some driving!  We usually stop and grab some coffee and chocolate milk and then do some cruising.  She usually falls asleep and I usually listen to good tunes and try to find spots that I’ve never seen before or look at old spaces in a new way.

Today’s drive was great.  Full of unexpected moments of beauty.

When we began our drive, it was rainy and chilly.  We had the heat on for a while.  Soon enough, after Lovely#2 dozed off, the sun peeked out and it grew a little warmer.  There is just something about sunshine in the fall.  It’s like one of those great times…maybe also because it’s pretty rare.  The sun shined through the trees and the breeze was blowing off these teeny tiny yellow leaves from a huge tree.  It was like it was snow, but it was golden leaves.

Around another block I spotted a couple walking their dog.  I thought it was cute because they kept turning to each other and smiling and the dog was trying to catch leaves that were falling from the trees.  As we got closer, I noticed the dog was missing one of its front legs but was doing just fine.  Love it.

As we made our way back home, we passed an intersection that I pass almost every day on my way to work.  Today there was something different.  It was a little message from a friend.  At first, we drove past it, but I saw it.  I turned around.  I had to see it again to see if I saw it right.  Could it be?  Even the LOL is totally like him.  He must be having some laughs, wherever he is.  That makes me smile.

It’s strange how these things in life fall into some sort of weird place, and that things that might not mean anything to anyone, actually mean a lot to some.  I typically drive to clear my head and to find cool things.  Today’s drive was a success.


well, hello there dear friend


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