picture day!

Remember when we were in grade school and picture day would roll around?  Everyone would wear their nice clothes and comb their hair and smile real geeky-like.  I remember the photographers always being real big tools.  They’d always try to get everyone to laugh and smile because we were young and nervous.

I remember this dude would ask everyone if they were married, and everyone would laugh every time!  I think it was probably just nerves.  That he could’ve asked them anything and they would’ve laughed.  Hey, did you eat breakfast?  Are you in first grade?  Do you love your mom?  Gut-busting laughter would ensue.

So Lovely #1 has picture day today.  She is in first grade now and has a boyfriend and all.  He gives her cute little toys sometimes.  It’s sweet…I didn’t have a real boyfriend until I was like 17.  Sad.  She is missing one tooth.  She wanted to wear this old raggedy shirt that she’s had for like 2 years for her picture today.  I didn’t really care.  I like that shirt.  It’s an AC/DC shirt.  But daddy said no.

So we compromised and she wore some Hello Kitty business with a vest.  It’s cute.  All of her clothes are cute.  Plus you can only really see 1/4 of the shirt anyway.  See, I don’t really care what they wear for things like these.  I just want their little faces and hair to look nice.  We washed her hair last night and brushed it out real nice this morning.

She wants her hair to be down to her hips.  Not her butt, her hips.  She is very specific about this.

Last year for picture day she wore her hair in pigtails.  She made this cute little smile but raised her shoulders and shrunk in her neck, so it looked like she didn’t really have a neck and she looked about 30 pounds heavier than she actually is.  She totally didn’t look like herself.  I don’t think we sent out any of those photos….I don’t think she even wanted to.

In all this digital and online technology, they should take like 10 pictures and put them online and let me pick out the best picture of my kid.  They have borders you can choose retouching options, but it’s only to the one picture that they take.  Stupid.  I hope she’s not stuck with a fat neck picture again this year.


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