coffee confusion

You know how when you go to a place often and the employees there get to know you?  Well, it’s supposed to be flattering when your barista sees you and immediately knows how to make your coffee.

I am not flattered by this.  I try to confuse my baristas.  I don’t want to be known for the kind of coffee drink I like.  I like a lot of them…and I will like one until I feel like you know what I want, and then I will like something else.  I’ll go on a latte kick…and then switch to americanos…and then do some chai tea for a while…and then maybe something iced with caramel…not always nonfat and not always without whipped cream.

Utter confusion!  It’s sort of like that P90X workout system where they talk about muscle confusion, except it’s coffee and no one really cares at all that I switch my orders up.

I like to imagine them looking at each other after I leave, shrugging their shoulders, saying I just can’t figure out her system!


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