Side Pony!

Lovely #1 starts first grade today.  Where has the time gone?

Doesn’t everyone say that?  Yes, when you’re a parent you say all the same shit that everyone says like time flies, enjoy them while they’re young, sleep while you can, and I’ve never looooved someone so much.  Blah.  I say blah!!

I love them, sure I do.  I like sleeping too.

I think the thing about having kids is they remind you so much of yourself.  I mean, Lovely #1 has been requesting a side ponytail for her first day for about a week and a half.  And she’s had her outfit laid out since we got her new clothes like 2 weeks ago.  And she tried all the clothes on and had a fashion show for us.

And she was geeking…I mean geeking out when she was putting all her things in her backpack the other night.  Just geeking!  Couldn’t finish a sentence or spit out real words.  It was like a scratch in a record and it just skips and repeats, skips and repeats, skips and repeats…

sp-sp-sp-sp-spit it out kid!

Anyways, she loved her practice side pony the other day so much that she slept in it and wore it the whole next day even when it was all floppy and loose.  She’s cute.


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