the lovelies return, scatter-brained mama

My little lovelies have been camping with their favorite grandpa for days.  They are coming home today.  I love that they are building these memories with him and even though it is hard to agree to let them be taken away for 5-ish days, I know it’s an important thing to let go.

I am anxiously awaiting their return.  I’ve had my coffee so that I can keep up with them.  I feel like they will be inches taller and years wiser.

I am still wishing I painted the house teal.

Who’s heard of this new spotify music station??  It’s pretty bangin, I must say.  Check it out.  It syncs with all your music on your computer and you can sync it with your phones and various players and also search music and have a music queue…and all this is free.  So far.  So far all this is free.  There is, of course, an upgrade option.

I’ve been watching too much HGTV lately.  I want to remodel the whole house for a measly $25.  It could happen.  Or I would move to Jamaica.  Or Nicaragua.  I really just want to live in a colorful house.

The Lovelies would too.  What kid wouldn’t want to live in a cotton candy colored house?

Oh my…there will be much laundry to take care of today, upon their return.



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