Who’s been to Jamaica out there??  Anyone?

I haven’t.

Aren’t the houses painted all sorts of pretty bright colors?  Like teal and pink and yellow and orange?  I’m pretty sure they are.  And I love it.

Here in the midwest, everything is brown…or a pastel shade of something.  Light yellow, Pale green, pastel blue, tan, beige, mustard, cream.  For the amount of actual warmth and sunshine we actually have throughout the year, why are we dulling ourselves down?

Don’t you wish our houses were painted bright colors too?  I do.  Although I knew of one house that was painted bright purple.  I think the neighbors banned together and complained like crazy.  The lady who lived there never budged and finally when she passed away, they tore the damn thing down.  How rude.

What if she was from Jamaica and this was her way of honoring her roots?  Rude.  Plus, I bet it was really pretty cool.  Something to talk about.

And our scenery is nearly always brown too.  Brown grass, brown snowy streets, brown trees with no leaves…the list goes on.  Whoever decided this neutral tone would take over our visuals should be slapped.  All we get are some holiday lights for a little while.

If you lived in the Caribbean and you could paint your house any bright color, what would it be??  Methinks mine would be teal.


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