never take outside drinking weather for granted

After several beers outside on a great hotel patio…I decided that it would be great to live somewhere warm so this could happen all the time.  We in the midwest covet the 3-4 warm months out of the year where we can actually sit outside and enjoy food and cocktails.  What might it be like to do this year round?

Would we still do it?

Might we still endure the sunshine in the eyes and insects flying around?  Might we tolerate the sweaty glasses holding our delicious cocktails?  Would we trade our snowmen for men without shirts on?

There really is something great about relaxing outside and enjoying people’s company….like so much more than enjoying their company indoors.  People dress cuter.  They have a little color in their skin and a little pink in their cheeks.  They look alive.

The winter makes everything seem so sullen.

Oh, summertime, please stay a little longer.  Like at least a month, please!


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