The obvious choice….or so I thought

I find it interesting what choices people make when faced with two difficult things to choose from.  It’s like that game Would you Rather.

For example, would you rather have your foot run over by a car or your hand smashed in a car door.  You know, both somewhat equally bad, but interesting to think about and to hear the way we rationalize our choices.  Another fun one to play is Who would you Rather.  This one is where you see who people would rather do.

Like…would you rather do Richard Simmons or Gene Simmons?

There is an obvious choice there, isn’t there ladies??  The tongue?  Come on, you know what I’m talking about.

So…I asked my husband if he would rather be married to me if I was skinny and bitchy or fat and happy.  It’s kind of mean of me.  But it took him so long to answer!  He said that I could be skinny and happy.

True, but that wasn’t a choice!  The point is to choose one.  It’s obvious the one you’re supposed to pick, right?  You’re supposed to pick whatever one goes with happy!  Right?  Am I crazy? I mean, it’s not like I’m overly fat or skinny.  Right now, I’d say I’m a pretty great normal lady size.  I think he was thinking in extremes, which is ok.  But you’re still supposed to pick the one that pairs with happy.

I went on this long rant to him about people who love each other always want the other one to be happy.  Duh.  It was kind of late and I was tired and crabby and I don’t even know why we started talking about such a topic.  Sometimes I start things that I know won’t end the way that I really want them to.

Maybe I am skinny and bitchy.  Fuck!!!


5 thoughts on “The obvious choice….or so I thought

  1. oh you are such a girl asking this question. i just asked john a similar question last night and i didn’t get the EXACT response i wanted so of course my feelings were hurt. why do we ask such dumb scenario type things when we are tired and emotional?

  2. Haha! I forgot about the Gene Simmons/ Richard Simmons game~ you are hilarious!!! You are totally normal sized~ and if you were chunky and happy I’d love you! 🙂 You’d be the jolliest of jollies!!

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