Singing to the dog…

I was working on a project in the living room…laying on my belly on the couch.  I was nose to nose with Polly, my big beautiful great dane.  She was sniffing at me wondering what it was that I ate for lunch.

I had Pandora on the Tom Petty station, and it went from a good ol Tom Petty song to some Bob Seger to The House of the Rising Sun to something else.  A good classic rock mix.  Then, on came Wildflowers by Tom Petty.  I just love this song. I started singing along, bobbing my head with the beat and belting it out real good and in tune (kinda).



Polly kept on sniffing at me. I looked up from what I was working on and met her gaze.

Pretty soon we were nose to nose and I was singing to her You belong among the wildflowers, you belong somewhere you feel free

She loved it.  I know she did.  She was wagging her tail like crazy.


3 thoughts on “Singing to the dog…

  1. Tom Petty is so amazing! I mean really even a beautiful great dane can enjoy. That brings me to the topic of how the youth of this world are not hearing and enjoying the spectacular amazingness of the classic rock era! Seriously if you don’t know who Tom Petty or Eric Clapton or Fleetwood Mac ect., you are missing out in life! Kate, I would like to applaud you on your furthering the music education in your hhousehold!

    • I try…although there is a constant battle between pop stars and classic. Sometimes the black eyes peas win, sometimes the Beatles. Sometimes that crazy kesha. Gah, I dislike her

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