you know, that disappointed feeling…

Ugh.  Hate.

I feel disgusted.  I feel like I thought I knew someone and now, it’s all different.  I also feel a little manipulated.  Not by this person, but in general.  Like the wool got pulled over my eyes, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  And I should’ve known better.

I’m disappointed.  I’m disappointed in a person, but also in myself for not knowing better.  Trust is so hard to share…and I did.  And now, it’s lost.  I just feel a little betrayed and blindsided…and disgusted.  Sick to my stomach, actually.

And then…the game must get played, which I am so over.  The game of, we must still be nice and cordial to each other, when we both know…we both know that we both know.  It’s sad, really.  A person I really admired and respected.  Playing dirty.

You all know how it goes.  It shouldn’t have to, but it does.  Disappointed.  Sorry, sorry day.


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