yes, kids are very smart…

Yesterday Lovely #1, the older, wiser Lovely, yelled at her father.  She did.

He was talking on the phone to a woman he works with, and ended the call in Thanks, Sweetheart.

She totally went off on him and said that the only people he is supposed to call sweetheart are her, her sister, and mommy and that by his saying sweetheart it makes her feel like he’s seeing someone else!


I’d like to attribute this behavior to the Disney Channel and their tween shows.  There is always some girlfriend/boyfriend debacle.  I mean, she is 6.  She’s 6!  How does she even know what any of this is?

She’s smart.  Too smart.  Too smart for our own good.  She also wants to save all her money already.  She pretends to talk on her fake cell phone to boys and girls.  She pretends to talk about boys being cute.  She has a little crush on her friend Lance.

I’m in for a rough road.  Sooner than 15, I think.  And my husband needs to watch what the fuck he says and how it may be interpreted!  Shit.


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