more of myself than ever…

I was scrolling through some of my old posts on this here silly little blog.  It’s funny to read things that you wrote and re-think about things that you thought.  I love it.

Sometimes I read things and I’m like, that is fucking amazing!  That totally makes sense!

I mean, of course I agree with me, right?

I came across my last post of 2010, and I reread what I was thinking about changing back into my favorite self.  What have I been doing all this time?  Have I even followed the path that I set for myself?  Maybe…in some regard.

I do need to get back to the good me.  There are too many things that I am allowing to mess with my good me.  And the year’s half over!  How did I let all this time pass?!

The guilt…

It’s funny how simple life really is:  Enjoy it, strive for what you love, and make the most of it.

And it’s funny how awful some of us make it out to be:  Wah wah wah.

Let’s all change back into little kids and think about what we loved and what we wanted to do and be.  I sure didn’t want to be this.  I wanted to be an artist!  And that is what I shall be.  No one ever listens to little kids….like they don’t know what they’re talking about, or they haven’t been around long enough to know what they want.  We adults have been trained to be boring and dismiss their genius.  They know exactly what they want.

A house with hippopotamus sculptures in the yard.  Duh.



4 thoughts on “more of myself than ever…

  1. Hi, each day after I do my post I go to the Postaday front page and pick one post that looks good, so today it’s your turn.

    This is a really good post, with lots of good common sense in it. I’d love to be able to be as childlike as you describe here, it would make life much more fun.

    Hope you don’t mind me dropping by.

  2. I nominated you for my Blog Lovin’ Award because I love reading your blog and wanted to acknowledge that fact to the rest of the blogsphere. Your randomness is infectious!!

    I hope you want to take part and pass the award onto 15 of your own favourite blogs too. Thank you for enriching my blogging experience and for widening my circle of online friends.

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