Ugh, don’t you hate when you just keep eating and eating?

Seriously.  I just have this insatiable hunger today.  It’s sickening.  As soon as I’m finishing up the leftover spaghetti I’m thinking about scarfing down some green beans with plenty-o-butter ‘n salt.

30 minutes late I’m pouring myself a bowl of generic Reese’s Puff’s cereal.  And then snacking on some blueberries…and then some barbecue kettle chips.

It’s not that I’m even hungry.  Not hungry at all.  Ugh, I’m just kind of bored and lonely.  I must be worried about my upcoming yearly review.  *Gulp*

Opening and closing my mouth in that chewing motion makes me kind of feel like I’m having a really great conversation…like something really deep.  One of those meaning of life conversations.  So that’s what it’s all about, it makes perfect sense!  But you never quite get there, like you’re never really fully satisfied.  And we’d have figured it out too, if we hadn’t have run out of cornbread!!!  Dammit!!

Ugh, I almost feel I should induce vomiting.

I realize how awful that just was to say.  I apologize.  I’ll make up for it by sharing a frozen pizza with you!  Eh?


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