maybe I could be a professional disruptionist

One of my favorite things is to say silly things at inappropriate times.  Or even at appropriate times.  Or to totally get everyone off on some other hilarious track.  I just love it.

Professional tangent go-er on-er?  Disruptionist?  Yes.  I love to be a disruption.  And to also say things that no one else will…things that kind of cross the line yet are really funny and that everyone else is thinking.  And to say them not out loud to a whole group, but under my breath to one or two people.  Then you get this cascading laughter effect.

Don’t you just love laughing?  I was writing about it a little bit today.  I mean, it’s just the shit!

Why is everything so serious all the time?  I’m just so tired of it.  I like to say fuck and shit and god damned and bitch and asshole and be sarcastic.  No?  Be sarcastic?  No way!!  Me?

Think about it.  A professional disruption.  Some companies pay people to be focused.  It could be a way to infiltrate the system and see who can focus and who is distracted.  Who needs more creative enrichment and who needs to laugh more.  Also, it would highlight those higher-uppers who need to lighten the fuck up sometimes.

Just lighten up.  Just wiggle around a little.  Just laugh at someone else’s laugh a little.  Let me disrupt you.


2 thoughts on “maybe I could be a professional disruptionist

  1. I love to laugh. It seems to make your problems go away for a little while and it lightens up your mood. If you can make me laugh, then you’re alright in my book!

    I’ll appreciate if you check out my blog it’s about me trying to become a successful published author.

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