the crazy dreams keep on coming

I dream.  I dream a lot.  My whole day seems to change if I have a strange dream.  They totally fuck with my head.  And they are created in my little strange brain.  Odd…

The other night was the dentist dream.  Last night I dreamt about X-men.  The dream played out like any other normally strange dream.  You’re in a place only it’s actually another place.  You’re with people, only they’re other people.  And everything makes perfect sense while you’re in this little world…but to explain it to anyone, no, impossible.

It makes you look like you don’t actually remember the dream.  I was in the bathroom, no it was actually like the dining room but it was my mom’s house, but it didn’t look at all like my mom’s house…

uh, what the fuck?

The X-men.  X-men?  How is this getting in there?  I haven’t seen the new movie.  All the characters in the dream seemed to be related but hated each other.  The setting was a huge house/hotel/school compound with secret passageways and what not.  Well, this actually does sound a little X-men-ish, doesn’t it?  They were all nice to each other in passing, but were secretly out to get the others.  I’d elaborate but I already seem like a looney.

Perhaps it’s the Kung Pao chicken I nibbled on before bedtime.  Perhaps all those spicy peppers are turning into X-men in my dreams!  Perhaps if I lived in a constant state of dreaming, everything and anything would make perfect sense.

Maybe it’s Freudian.  Maybe I actually want to bang Magneto or Wolverine.  Oh, Freud.  How I love that everything turns into sexual repression!


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