love a good drive

I really like to drive.  I like to drive for long periods of time.  I do.

I like to drive with friends and giggle.  I like to drive with the kids.  I like to drive by myself.  I just really like driving.  I always volunteer to drive.  I never mind it.  I like the control, I suppose.  My husband dislikes this about me.

I especially like driving with the Lovelies.  For one, they are buckled and strapped in and can’t really move and destroy anything.  They can talk and sing and yell at each other…and I can turn up the music.  I seem to be able to zone them out when I’m driving and listening to tunes and taking in all the sights.  They look at things and ask really smart questions and notice the coolest things.

I love when it’s warm enough to open the windows and let the breeze in.  Let the sunshine in.  Peek at some people at the stoplights.  It’s love.


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