just a tiny bit of rage-imation

Sometimes I get secretly mad in my head.

I like to call it rage-imation.

It’s like imagination…only the things I imagine are because I’m angry and I have to be pleasant on the outside.  It helps quite a lot to imagine smashing things or creating awkward scenarios in my head.  I am sane enough to know I can’t actually act on any of my thoughts.

But I want to.  Oh, how I want to.

Today I imagined smashing my mug full of orange soda into some lady’s face.  She kept pursing her lips like she was better than everyone and she made one of my students really upset.  I just felt like I needed to give her a ceramic mug to the teeth.

Her hair would be all sticky from the soda too.  Ha.  Take that!   Double whammy.



One thought on “just a tiny bit of rage-imation

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