I get sucked into children’s tv programs

When we come home after work and school we turn on a little boob tube.  This occupies the Lovelies while I make some dinner.  Once we’ve eaten and everything is all cleaned up, I sit with the girls for a little bit to relax and watch their show with them.

Typically, they get bored and head upstairs or outside to play some crafty game of puppies, princesses, or school.

Maybe it’s because I’m so drained from the day or maybe it’s because the shows are really good…but I tend to finish the rest of the show by myself.  It’s like I need to see what happens.  I need to know the resolution.  And I do actually kind of enjoy them.  I’d have to say my latest favorite is Wizards of Waverly Place.  Honestly, what is wrong with me?

Is this sick?  I like kids’ shows?  It’s not like they watch Barney or anything.  The cartoons and little kid shows that they like are kind of good.  I’m serious. I do the same thing when they watch movies and get bored halfway through and disappear to get into shenanigans.

I’m such a loser.  I suppose I’d rather watch a try-to-be-funny little kid sitcom than the news.  Who wants to hear about all that’s wrong with the world anyway?

It’s funny that I think it’s a little weird, but that I also try to justify it.  Loser.


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