where do I wipe this snot?

So here I am writing things at the computer…and I have an annoying little spring/summer/allergy??/head cold thingy.  Sick.  Yeah, snot locker to the max.

And I have no tissues close by.  I feel a little drip gathering at the end of my nostril.  Where to wipe it?  I don’t want to get up.  I’m lazy…and in the middle of a great thought and can’t be bothered by this stupid snot drip.  Shit.

Well…I’m sitting cross-legged on the chair.  And my feet are close by.  I’ll just wipe it with my sock.  Or the bottom of my pants.  Perfect.

Don’t judge me, you’ve all wiped snot somewhere other than in a hanky.  I know it.


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