I love to paint walls

I may have chosen the wrong profession.  I have painted three rooms so far this week.  I love it.

I’d say my favorite part is putting on the protective tape and then when everything’s dry, peeling the tape off to reveal a beautiful crisp line of color.  Love.

There is also a moment in the painting of walls where I feel like I might shit my pants.  It happens after you paint in all the corners and nooks and outline everything.  It happens when you first load up that roller and roll a whole lot of the new color onto the wall.  When you pick out the color, you really don’t know for sure how it’s going to look on a whole wall, let alone a whole frickin room.

It is at this moment that I almost shit.  Such fear that the 30 some bucks I spent on that gallon of paint is going down the drain because it’s all going to look like shit.  The time edging the whole stupid room…wasted.

But then after the whole thing is painted and you can see the new transformation, and the new contrast, and see the new, fresh color.  I just love it.  I fall in love and then while painting I imagine what else in my house I can paint.

What other transformations can I see?  The hallway?  The entryway?  The doors?  The trim?  The ceilings?  The outside of the house?  Yes, yes, yes.  I have come to realize that I become mildly obsessed with whatever I am working on at the moment.  I’m working on that…

Right now it’s painting walls and the website Pinterest.  Obsessed!  It’s sick.


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