mid-week day off

I have the day off tomorrow.  I am stoked.  I have a lot of things planned for myself…and also very little.  I really have no expectations for myself other than some cursed laundry and to head to the hardware store and pick up some paint for the bathroom.  If I begin painting, I care not.

Again, little expectations.  I’ve been doing 6 day weeks for like 6 months…and will very much enjoy another day off in the week to get caught up on…well, whatever the fuck I want.

I also need to give those little Lovelies a little attention.

I’m just real excited to not have to repeat myself 100 times like I do at work.

This blog post is shitty.  I feel guilty for not writing something of more substance this week…but maybe substance is a little overrated?  Yes.


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