Meetings make me giggle.  Sitting and having to pay attention makes me giggle.  I really feel for the students that I teach….because I know a good share of them have the same restless brain syndrome when having to sit still, face forward, and listen with intent.

I just can’t do it.  I, of course, force myself.  I should rephrase this…I can do this, but I despise it.

It’s funny because I giggle and say tiny little ridiculous things under my breath, which only the people directly around me can hear.  They are never mean or derogatory things towards the teacher or leader of the group.  Just silly thoughts that pop into my brain and need to come out.  Because if I keep them in, I will explode…and spray grape soda all over the crowd.

Today we were discussing wrinkles…and there was a California Raisin analogy…and then at the end the group opened for questions.  Of course my only question was, ‘So what would you recommend for a California Raisin?’

No one hears this except two people and the three of us cannot contain ourselves!  Utter hilarity.  Not even that it was particularly that funny…just in the moment it was totally inappropriate and that in itself warrants laughter.

Having to sit still and quietly, especially when you’re used to being the one up in front singing and dancing to keep the masses entertained, is extremely difficult.  I try to make these silly mental notes so that I may amuse you, dear Rita.  I miss you.


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