Do I resemble Pee Wee Herman?

the word of the day is....SHOTS!!!!!!

Do I look like Pee Wee? Yeah, maybe a little...

One of these days this week, someone told me that a gesture of mine was very reminiscent of Pee Wee Herman.

Now, the question is,should one take this as an insult or a compliment?  I suppose that most people would be a little insulted since he was a strange fellow with a strange tv show and a strange laugh.

But I see this as a total compliment.  I mean, Paul Reubens was by far one of the most progressive entertainers of my childhood/adolescence/young adulthood.  You may not agree.  So what if he was caught taking care of himself in some XXX rated club.  Isn’t that what XXX rated clubs are for???

My friend Sarah and I like to try to laugh like him when we drive around and drink coffee.  It always makes for a great laugh, even if you can’t sound anything like him. Pee Wee is having a total resurgence…and I LOVE it!!  Pee Wee’s Playhouse on Broadway??  Sign me up.  This would be my dream.  Not just to go to the show, but to be in it.  I strive for this type of ridiculous silliness in my career.  It’s important to me.

Oh, Pee Wee!  From your big adventures to your silly little playhouse, I am so honored to have a likeness to you, even if I am female and probably even more strange.


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