failure and success

Today I am a failure because I didn’t finish and submit my Fiction Project thingy.  Sad face.  I have no excuses for not finishing…just that I didn’t finish it.  Ah well…now I have a little notebook of thoughts to keep instead of share.  I can’t let it get me down.  I made the effort to start it, at least.  Right?  Right?

Today I am a success because I cleaned the whole fucking house.  Yes!  Take that house.  I’ll show you!

I did have two or three minor meltdowns in the process (failure) but I finished the job.  These two little Lovelies may be cute on the outside, but inside lurks the making of a garbage tornado.  I threw away close to three garbage bags full of garbage that was lurking under their beds, in their toy boxes, all over the floor, in the couch cushions, in backpacks, in closets, drawers, the bathroom….they accumulate much debris.

And the hide it!  They stash it all over!  To the naked eye, everything is tidy and clean and in its place.  When the truth is, there’s a whole notebook torn apart and shoved in their dresser drawers.  Brutal.  But a success.

Sad that I have to spend my one day off cleaning.  But glad it’s clean.  A mom’s job is never fucking done.  Jerks.


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