One of my students has fake nails.  Long ones.  She looks like a cartoon character.  Well, maybe I just think that they’re really long because I dislike them…and the sound of them.

Tickey tockey tickey tockey

I especially dislike when she rakes them over something plastic.  Erruuuughhh!  Why?  What is the need to rake them?  This is why they invented rakes!  So you wouldn’t need to use your fingernails made of acrylic!  They are yucky looking too.  Her fingers are not the right shape to pull off fake fingernails.

I wish I could just tell her that they are going to make her real fingernails yellow and peely and disgusting.  Then maybe she’ll take them off.  I doubt it.  She needs them to rake plastic shit and make annoying sounds.  Is this the real reason why people like fake nails?  For the sound of them?



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