Garbage tornado

Something about springtime that makes me want to pick up trash.  Especially here in the midwest where the snow melt uncovers a heavy amount of garbage accumulation.  It’s sad that the sunshine and warm weather and budding trees are peppered with fast food cups, styrofoam, and barbie boxes from Christmas.

Yesterday I was walking to work and I looked down an alleyway to find a cyclone of garbage.  Nothing quite like the sorts from the Wizard of Oz or anything, but there was definite circular motions of paper and trash swirling about.

It’s a funny thing too.  It was just beautiful outside.  Like picture perfect.  And I look over and swirly swirly swirl!  It made me giggle to myself because it was just so perfect of timing…as I was smiling into the sunshine.  Like a scene out of a movie.  Like Little Red Riding Hood or something morbid like that.

Grandmother, what big teeth you have!  Sunshiney day, what big swirly tornado of refuse you have!


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