There should be an official day, or week…or maybe even a month, where silence is strictly enforced.  People talk too much, don’t you think?  No one ever really listens to each other because they’re waiting for their time to talk.

I like to just shut the fuck up every now and again.  People seem to think there’s something wrong with that….or me…or that I’m mad, sad, annoyed (yes, probably annoyed), or a mean person.

Wouldn’t it be nice to live like a monk or buddha every now and again?  And if we all had to, it would make it way easier to do.  Just some silence….stop all the ridiculous questions!  People have started to fill in those uncomfortable little silent moments with unimportant chit chat.

I just want to be quiet and to not be questioned about it or talk about my stupid day.  Shut up!


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