Um, weren’t you wearing that the last time I saw you?

How embarrassing.  I go to work today and see this dude that I saw on Tuesday.  Today being Sunday…5 days later…and a totally different place!

I mean, I have this cute new shirt and I wanted to wear it again.  It’s not like it’s dirty or anything.  And I didn’t just wear the same shirt, but the exact same outfit…down to the earrings and shoes and all.  It’s frickin cute!  Why wouldn’t I?

He probably didn’t notice in the slightest…but I know.  I know!  He wasn’t supposed to even be there today.  It was supposed to be all different people.  That’s the point of wearing it again.  They hadn’t seen it yet.  Everyone saw it Tuesday, but totally different people!!

Don’t you hate that?  It makes me feel like that girl who Jerry dates on Seinfeld who he always sees in the same outfit.  What happens if the next time I see him I’m wearing the same outfit?  How stupid.

I could care less what this dude thinks about me or the whole scenario or the outfit or any of it…but it bothers me that I had it all planned perfectly and then he had to go and ruin it.  So much for looking cool…now I look like a douchebag.  Fuck.


One thought on “Um, weren’t you wearing that the last time I saw you?

  1. HAHA~ so true… I’ve been wearing the same outfit for so many days that the other day I washed it just so I could keep wearing it because I like it so much.

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