um…late night wine induced rant

There are so many things to be grateful for, don’t you think?  I have to keep this in mind.

I have been challenged lately with events locally, globally, small scale, large scale…it all makes me feel that everything is so daunting a task to change.  I had this conversation with a friend of mine.  It really does engulf you every now and again.

For instance, I made the mistake of watching the evening news alone.  Normally I like to watch the news with my husband and we exchange witty banter about how corny the anchors and weather people are.  But to watch it alone…it made me feel sad…and small.  Insignificant almost.  But it also made me feel like I have to try to change the world…because who else is even trying?

I know there a many many out there trying to make a difference.  Why aren’t we focusing on those people instead of the software you can download on your phone that makes it possible to spy on anyone with a cell phone.  Yes, it’s that sick, people.  How does anyone survive listening to all these things designed to make us afraid?

Should we post pictures of a man with a bullet hole in his head?  Let me rephrase that…should we post pictures of a man with a bullet hole in his head??

Not a save the world type of move, if you ask me.  But I am not the leader of the world.  Leaders…

Leader is such a subjective word, don’t you think?  What we consider a leader might not be a leader 10 miles away across an imaginary border.  Or a proper age to drive, drink, vote, work…who decides?  More importantly, when did they decide? 350 yeas ago?

We cannot be led by rules that were written hundreds of years ago by people who were trying to flee their government to be more free and independent.  We have created that which we were fleeing…well, maybe not exactly, but you get my drift!

Don’t these leaders also weep when the bus on Extreme Home Makeover moves out of the way revealing a brand new, amazing home for a deserving family??  Don’t they get goosebumps when they hear a really great rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Water on one of 7 talent shows?  Do they not curse the weather man under their breath when he predicts sunshine and warm temperatures and it is actually cloudy with bitter wind?

Common sense…if we could all be ruled by common sense, courtesy, humor, and creativity…and a little tolerance.


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