Kool Grigio

Is it wrong to mix a little kool-aid in my wine?  I mean, it was a little dry and blah and I just wanted it to be a little more like a wine cooler.

It tastes really good.  I could be onto something here.

The only debate would be its name.  Would it be Kool-Grigio or Pinot-Aid?

Pinot-Aid sounds a little medical doesn’t it?  Like some kind of erectile dysfunction medication or cream or something.  Sick.  Kool-Grigio sounds more like a really cool DJ or MC with some fly hip hop group.

*side note: Lovely #2 is enjoying some booger-aid over here.  Who ever said picking your nose was gross?  Gross…

I lost my train of thought.  Ah, let’s help it along with some Kool-Grigio, yo!  That’s the ticket!


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