i’m melting…

I can smell something in the dishwasher melting.  You know the smell of melting plastic, that awful smell?  I’m a little worried about this.  I feel like there isn’t anything in there that is melt-able.  But, you never know.

There may be something that was supposed to be on the top rack that I mistakenly put on the bottom rack.  Stupid me.

Nevertheless…I can smell it.  And the anticipation of finding out what exactly is melting is tormenting me enough to write a blog about it.  See what my life has come to.  Commentary on melted plastic.  What a loser I have become.

I don’t write about the royal wedding or how much I am ready to go George Carlin on some people…no, all I can come up with is the smell of melted plastic gooping up my dishwasher.


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