do you have spring-spiration?

Ah, spring!  Don’t you just have this overwhelming sense of inspiration?  and a little perspiration too?  This is where spring-spiration comes from.  Sweating out some of the winter blues and being inspired to do some new and cool things.

And to get up a little earlier because it’s light out…and the birds are singing…and it’s not freezing.  Mostly the light.  I love spring and summer mornings when it’s just warm enough to tool around and be perfectly comfortable.  No perspiration.

Don’t you also find that it’s a little easier to sleep a little bit less and still be refreshed?  In the winter I could sleep 67 hours straight and still be a mopey, tired, groggy lump of crap.

So what are some of the things that are springing onto your plates?  New projects, trips, plans, improvements, aspirations????  Tell me!  It’s exciting.  I can barely stand it.

Here’s my list…if I actually do them is another thing, but it’s fun to think about:

*Garden!  Screw the flowers, I’m planting only veggies and herbs.  Yes, there will be corn in my front flower bed.  What of it?  It’s cool looking.

*Read.  I like to read.  I want to read more.  That’s that.

*Art.  Do it, look at it, eat it, breathe it, share it.

*Business.  Yes, making this thing happen…I’ve got a website, now I need a blasted business plan and all that.  I am inspired to make it happen.  Thank you, sunshine.

*Nurture.  My family needs some nurturing.  They’ve been neglected through the winter and brushed off for other things…I dislike that.  Time for some snuggling and nurturing and silly times with the Lovelies.

So there.  It’s a decent list.  I’d make it longer but then I won’t get to all of them.  Start small.  Get really good at one thing and then add another.


2 thoughts on “do you have spring-spiration?

  1. Sounds like a great plan!! Want to get together one of these days and talk about gardening and art? I’m working on a cool painting so unlike my normal style~ would love to show you! 🙂

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