When is the honeymoon stage over?

How long does the so-called honeymoon stage last?  Today is our wedding anniversary, 1 year.  Having been together for nearly 7 years now, it seems strange to me that we were ever honeymooners.

Every day over the past year has felt about the same.  No flying doves or bells or over enhanced romance.  Just the same, but with a different name.  Oh, that rhymed.

And what should happen on the first anniversary?  I feel like everyone makes it out to be this epic celebration.  I mean, we might go out to dinner and have come cocktails.  I don’t have a piece of cake or anything like that.  I’m not going to recreate our centerpieces or anything for display today.

The task for the day will first be…find a babysitter so we can actually get out of here and enjoy each other’s company.  That will be the hardest part.  Where we go or what we do doesn’t really truly matter.  I’m kind of hoping for some bowling or ping-pong or a nice relaxing dinner without the chance of going to a dive bar and pounding down jaeger-bombs.  Please, dear husband, no jaeger bombs on our anniversary.  Maybe a museum visit or a movie or strolling down the aisles of our favorite home improvement store.

I just don’t want to stay home and stare at each other.  That, I suppose, would indicate the end of the honeymoon stage.


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