new fancy phone

I have a new phone.  It’s fancy.  It has a touchscreen.  I can post blogs from it…although I have to type in each letter and space with one finger.  Totally takes away from those mandatory high school typing classes with the woman who typed with her inch long, red, fake nails.

It’s neat and all.  I can upload photos and I have stupid app’s and games.

Why did I do this?  Why did I by choice make myself lazier?  I don’t even have that much going on that I need a smart phone to manage it all.  I really like having a calculator…but my old archaic phone had that.

Being much more connected to the online world makes me realize how much I am not really that connected.

I don’t get text messages from 20 people a day.  I don’t get voicemails from anyone other than my husband and the stupid siding company that calls me everyday…and I avoid them.  I don’t get super important emails that absolutely can’t wait.  I don’t think to snap pictures of funny things that I see, I’d rather write about it.

See, I am a loser when it comes to this fancy phone.

I do love that it tells me the weather and there’s little raindrops that fall when it’s raining.  And snowflakes that fall when it’s snowing.  Such cheap thrills, I tell ya.

Aren’t you so thankful that at any moment in the day, I can post the most mundane and boring things…or try to gather sympathy?

So tired, wishing I could go back to bed.

Foot hurts.

Sooooo tired.  Feel sorry for me.

Worst day ever.

I need a vacation.

If I ever get that lame, please let me know.  I will delete all accounts in cyberspace and only communicate through spoken word interactions. 


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