You double dipped your chip!

Out of my peripheral vision I could see this girl eating corn chips.  A normal, very pretty, girl just munching away on her chips.  Maybe they were slightly flavored, I couldn’t see any flavor crystals on them from my distance.

Here she grabs a giant container of Hellman’s Mayonnaise and globs a huge squirt (yes, it was the squirt mayo- even better) out of the container into a tupperware bowl or something.

And then, she dips the chips in the mayo!  Is this good?  Is this tasty?I’ve seen mayo on sandwiches, in coleslaws, pasta salads and what not.  I’ve seen mayo and french fries like Pulp Fiction style…“I’ve seen them do it man, they fucking drown them in that shit.”

I have not seen mayo and corn chips.  I’m also not talking a little dainty dip, I’m talking a huge mounded scoop-o-mayo.  And not one scoop per chip either.  There was definitely double dipping going on here.

Scoop, crunch, scoop, crunch, scoop crunch!  At least 3 per chip.  That’s like a tablespoon of mayonnaise for each corn chip. There is something awfully wrong about this ratio.

Maybe if it were corn chips and salsa…or guacamole.  Then I might see the larger scoop to chip ratio.  Maybe if it were potato chips and french onion dip.  Also, could see the ratio.

All that ran through my head was, “Hey lady, have some chips with your mayonnaise.”  I didn’t say it, of course, because it’s actually very lame to say something like that.  I giggled to myself though.


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