grumble be gone

This morning on my way to the daily grind, it was quite blustery.  Rain, cold, chilly, gusty winds, dark, gray, dismal…not the kind of day you’re jumping out of bed excited to get the day moving.

Under my breath I grumble in the car about anything and everything…I grumble to myself in the car a lot…

grumble grumble stupid traffic grumble grumble stupid rain grumble grumble husband this and that…a-grumble grumble grumble

As I neared my destination I got stuck behind some agonizingly slow Ford Focus.  What is it with the Ford Focus?  They’re everywhere!!  They must be real cheap.

I have to extend my gratitude immensely to this slower than molasses Focus.  If I was not caught behind it, I would not have spotted the greatest thing of my morning.

Walking down the sidewalk was a normal looking girl.  In her arms was a large black piece of foam-core poster board.  Remember, it’s blustery.  The wind was sure doing a number on her and her foam-core.  It was like she was dancing with it, spinning around to try to get the right angle on the wind so the board could slice right through.  Instead, it kept flipping up, down, sideways, twisty turvy….like a fireman’s hose that’s out of control.

I only saw her for a brief moment, but it made me smile.

It brought me back to the good old art school days and carrying projects to and from school on the city bus and lugging them down 4 blocks and diverting attention from all the onlookers that want to ask you did you make that? I hope she got a good grade after battling the elements.


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