I dared to leave the house without pants today!  Even so, I went to work without pants on!  I’ve been toying with this idea for a while now and I think it happened today because I really have no other clean clothes to wear.

I ventured out with only leggings on.  Opaque leggings, of course (I hope).  I also daringly went without a shirt or sweater that covered my rear end.

This, as some of you know, is very daring.  This trend of the legging/jegging/slim fitting pants isn’t going anywhere it seems.  Everywhere you look, there are girls without pants on!  We all look like we’re in jammies…or catsuits.

I did it.  I was a little self-conscious the whole time, thinking that all my co-workers and clients and the general public were staring at my general pubic!  That they’d see right through or see all the little creases and crevasses.  No one really cared.  Thing is, it’s no shocker that girls don’t wear pants anymore.

This was the first time I tried.  Of course no one knew it was my first time.  I like to have my bum covered.  It’s just one of those parts of your body that should have a little coverage… not just a thin jersey knit!  What if I snagged them on the corner of something and they ripped and my ass cheeks were hanging out all over the place?  Oh, the horror!

I may be a little behind the times here, but I just wasn’t ready to expose my ass.  I feel I should have a celebratory cocktail to mark this momentous occasion!

Cheers to no pants!!


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