now, be extra nice

Sweet Jesus!

Lovely #1 wants to help me do laundry?  She wants to learn how to start a load?  She wants to go in the cold, scary basement and watch me work the washing machine?  What is happening?  Wants to help!


I think it has something to do with her birthday coming up.  She knows that she has to be extra good.  She has to be extra nice.  She has to be extra helpful.

For what though?  She’s got to know that even if she isn’t any of those things, she’ll still get all the things she wants from all the people that like to fill my house up with stuff.

If she hasn’t learned it by now…she will know it by next Christmas and absolutely by her next birthday.  Soon enough, she’ll be able to read this blog and figure out that she is actually Lovely #1 and that it’s not really coffee in my mug and that I am a little cracked.  She might already know that last one…but what do you do when your kids read your blog?

Stop…or get even crazier so they think you’ve lost it.


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