dear daylight savings…

It would be nice if my kids would go to sleep at 7 like they do when it’s dark.  It is now light outside after 5 pm(thank goodness!!!), which means….the Lovelies do not quite understand that it is time to sleep.  It’s nearing 8:30 pm…and Lovely #2 is on her second round of let’s see if I can get out of bed and watch tv and have a snack.

It is time for bed, little Lovely!

But it’s light out, mama.

But the clock says bedtime!!  Mama needs time alone with her mugs of cheap wine and to watch silly tv.  She needs time to fold your tiny little clothing and wipe your giant messes away.  She needs time to reach into the recesses of her brain and pull out something to amuse herself (and Rita)!  She needs time to stare into space and not be bombarded with the same repetitious question about cookies and cereal and where is my Bullseye doll!?!

Oh, you had a bad dream?  Yeah fucking right…I used to do the same thing to my mom when I didn’t want to go to sleep.

Oh, mom, I had a bad dream, can I snuggle with you??

They know it works every time…every frickin time.  We have to feel like comforting mothers again.  Barf on that.  Mama needs comfort!!!


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