I think I might as well let my kids have Snickers bars and M&M’s and Kool-Aid for breakfast.  The lovely Lovelies’ papa has purchased Lucky Charms cereal for them.

Although I love this cereal…I feel a little guilty feeding it to the Lovelies in the morning.  They become ticking time bombs…just waiting to crash.  I believe a lot of kids function this way.  Kids nowadays eat far too much sugar.

Hell, when I was little, and my parents were full blown hippies, we had the strangest grains boiled into mush form!  And we maybe liked it?  I don’t remember.  I do remember eating very healthy as a kid…and then always wanting to eat well as an adult.

My husband, on the other hand, has grown up having special sugary snacks and whatnot…and now these are the things that he likes.  He likes instant potatoes and he likes Hamburger Helper.  He likes processed cheese.  Is it his fault for feeding them to our kids?  Nah, I’ll let him off the hook this time.

He just hasn’t really been taught about nutrition.  This, my friends, is the wave of the future.  Parents and kids have to learn about this shit!  Everyone’s getting fatter, crankier, and have more problems with stress than ever before.  I blame sugar….I blame thee, Lucky Charms!

Top o the morning, to ya!


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